Tenacious and anchored cellulite algae mud 500g

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With Bioactivity extract from Guam seaweed with strong antioxidant power.The Bioactivity extract comes from the patented bioliquefaction process of GUAM seaweed, which allows the recovery of its active ingredients in highly available phytocomplexes. The extract obtained has an Orac**1565 value, i.e. an antioxidant power and a capacity to fight free radicals 3 times higher than the traditional extract (ORAC 400).**ORAC = Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, unit of measurement of the antioxidant capacity of biological substances.Due to the high concentration of active ingredients and functional substances, it is possible to experience a heightened sensation of active tingling when applying the product, in addition to heat. If the heat and tingling are excessive, reduce the application time by rinsing beforehand. Not suitable for the most sensitive skin.*Cellulite: skin imperfectionInstructions for use:In order to fully exploit the virtues of the different elements contained in this natural preparation, it is important to mix the product carefully to obtain a homogeneous, soft and creamy composition.Apply the appropriate dose to the areas to be treated and massage in with a light circular massage. Wrap the treated areas with a transparent film and leave to act for 45 minutes, then rinse with water.  Then apply GUAM firming gel which refreshes and tones the skin. Active ingredients:DRIED WHOLE SEAWEED* 14.00%, PHYTO-EXTRACTED SEAWEED 6.00%.GUAM SEAWEED IS A REAL SEA CONCENTRATE AND CONTAINS: PROTEINS, LIPIDS, CARBOHYDRATES, MANNITOL, PHOSPHORUS, SULPHUR, IODINE. Sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, cobalt, iron, manganese, boron, silicon. VITAMINS: Beta-carotene (pro vitamin A); ascorbic acid (vitamin C); vitamin B complex.*Each Kg of dried whole seaweed is equivalent to a minimum of 5 Kg of fresh seaweed.Powerful antioxidant power.

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Guam, the solution against unsightly skin

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