Résultats prouvés scientifiquement

Data from clinical studies demonstrating the effectiveness of GUAM seaweed mud when used regularly.

The aim of the clinical study, conducted by the Department of Physics and Natural Sciences of the Institute of Pharmacology at the University of Pavia (Italy), was to evaluate the efficacy of GUAM seaweed sludge against cellulite, orange peel skin and skin imperfections.

The subjects of the trial were women aged 18-45 years, who were healthy and used the everyday products according to the recommended conditions of use. The clinical trial was conducted against the use of placebo products and photos were taken to analyze the skin after each application. GUAM seaweed mud creams were applied to the thigh and buttock. The skin of the test subjects was observed for a period of 90 days.

The parameters studied were as follows:

    Improvement of skin firmness
    Improvement of skin colour
    Improving microcirculation
    Improvement of skin elasticity
    Reduction in the appearance of cellulite
    Reduction of thigh circumference

The University of Pavia concluded that the products tested significantly helped to reduce the appearance of cellulite in the test subjects. All the observed parameters had improved during the observation period and for this reason, the products proved to have cosmetic power against skin imperfections from a scientific point of view.

Guam, the solution against unsightly skin

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